Talking to animals – and having them talk back to you?

Connecting more deeply with animals to improve both your lives?

Making money using your natural gifts to help people and animals?

Here’s what you’ll experience in

SAGE level of the Animal Wisdom Circle:

The Sage level of the Animal Wisdom Circle offers members personal growth, intuitive skills and practice, and group coaching all in the comfort of your own home or office! Members receive 2 live group calls per month, a lively, supportive community, and access to the wisdom of animals directly from the animals themselves. Many members develop their intuitive abilities by participating in the group calls and experience great happiness and fulfillment in their daily lives.

Live Call 1: Animal Wisdom Call

Each month we connect with a different animal. I ask my 3 questions and then  members ask their questions. We have lively, insightful, spiritual discussions with animals that help us focus on a spiritual theme for the month, based on the wisdom from the animals.


Live Call 2: Inner Alignment Call

We are able to incorporate the wisdom from the animals into our lives by clearing any subconscious blocks we have to that guidance. Using EFT, we tap on the issues and upsets that are the opposite of the animals' guidance so that we can express their wisdom and their messages more fully in our lives. It may sound daunting but this is the most uplifting hour of the month! Live your life more fully guided by spiritual messages from the animals.

Benefits of Membership
Better living through Animal Wisdom.

You will connect with animals, grow spiritually without religious dogma, embrace your personal growth, get clear on your soul's purpose and experience an expanded sense of yourself and the world. You will also incorporate powerful tools to develop your intuition, practice connecting intuitively and energetically with animals, and become more aligned with your purpose and your mission in life.

If you are on a path to become an animal communicator or healer or you just want to learn from the animals, this is the place for you!

Investment for Sage Membership

Sage members get 2 live calls per month plus substantial discounts on other classes and programs offered by Dr. Cara. Membership for one year is less than $10 per month - it's only $99 for the year!

What the Animals Have to Say

Ready to receive Spiritual Guidance from the animals?

I'll give you the structure and support you need to succeed.

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What People Have to Say

Your work is sooo beautiful. It’s so magical what you do – and how you spread it out. Like a sun, so we can all drink it in, with our hearts. I was so blessed to be on the Animal Wisdom Circle call last night. Thank you, to you and Choppy. Your work – it heals us all. XOXOX

Meet Dr. Cara

In addition to leading the Animal Wisdom Circle, Dr. Cara Gubbins is an Animal Intuitive, award-winning Author, transformational Spiritual Coach and international Retreat Leader. With spiritual insights grounded in the natural world, Cara inspires a global community to live the lives they’re here to live by connecting with animals, nature, and Spirit; saying “yes” to themselves and their dreams; and remembering that there is always time to play. She is the award-winning author of Divine Beings - The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals.

Learn more about Dr Cara and her books, readings, retreats and classes.

Ready to receive Spiritual Guidance from the animals?

I'll give you the structure and support you need to succeed.

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