Talking to animals – and having them talk back to you?

Connecting more deeply with animals to improve both your lives?

Making money using your natural gifts to help people and animals?

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What the Animals Have to Say

Here’s what you’ll experience in the Animal Wisdom Circle:

Three Levels of Exploration will help you naturally and easily strengthen your spiritual connection with animals so you can receive their messages and understand their guidance in your life. The same information, skills, and experiences helped me create my successful animal intuitive business, research and write impactful books sharing animals’ messages, and change the lives of countless people and animals around the world.

Level 1: Seeker
Explore the World of Animals

Learn why curiosity is your most important intuitive skill and how to connect with animals more effectively by combining the power of your heart and your mind. Guest Experts share their wisdom and insights and answer your questions during live monthly interviews.

*This is a free level of membership.

Level 2: Sage
Learn Directly from the Animals

Connect directly with a wide variety of animals, incorporate their wisdom into your life, and clear any subconscious blocks to expressing your truth. Live your life more fully guided by spiritual messages from the animals.

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*This is a paid level of membership.

Level 3: Alchemist
Talk to Animals. Change the World.

Learn how to easily and naturally incorporate the intuitive and mindset skills you need to succeed as an animal intuitive and a spiritual leader. If you dream of walking with the animals and talking with the animals to make the world a better place, this is the place for you.

*This is a paid level of membership.

Talk to Animals. Change the World.                                               The Animal Wisdom Circle

The Animal Wisdom Circle is a live, monthly membership program that inspires, educates and supports animal lovers as they create soulful connections with animals in order to heal themselves, animals and our planet.

Topics and Experts Featured in the Seeker Membership Level

What People Have to Say

Cara, getting to connect (through you) with wild animals is just plain fun. I find the calls really engaging and inspiring. And I like the structure and direction the monthly animal’s spiritual focus provides for personal awareness and spiritual growth. I feel a warm sense of greater connection — as of course with these calls you are providing a SUPPORTIVE, TANGIBLE CONNECTION for others — what better way to apply Naamfon’s wisdom??!!
Susan HagenOwner/OperatorEagle Creek Ranch

join the animal wisdom circle

Meet Dr. Cara

In addition to leading the Animal Wisdom Circle, Dr. Cara Gubbins is an Animal Intuitive, award-winning Author, transformational Spiritual Coach and international Retreat Leader. With spiritual insights grounded in the natural world, Cara inspires a global community to live the lives they’re here to live by connecting with animals, nature, and Spirit; saying “yes” to themselves and their dreams; and remembering that there is always time to play. She is the award-winning author of Divine Beings - The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals.

join the animal wisdom circle